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Being first to market comes with a particular communications challenge. Namely, customers who would benefit from the new product don’t know it exists, and so are not looking for it. And if that’s not a big enough challenge, in order to communicate the new product or service, often new language needs to be introduced to the market and learned by the potential customers. This was a challenge facing Brand Arrow client Acin. For many years the corporate world has managed financial risk quantitively with data science tools whilst the less numerate operational risk side of a business had been managed qualitatively. In other words, the technology needed to automate operational risk - like the risks associated with internal systems and business ops - had not been invented. Until Acin came along with a platform to do just that. And therefore, as well as the need to create awareness of this innovation, there was the need to create the right language around it. For this, we used a Positioning and Messaging Guide – sort of the equivalent of brand guidelines but for brand strategy. This equipped the team to get the right language into the hands of those whose job it was to get the brand ‘out there’. The Guide contained everything from the value proposition and key messaging through to the benefits and features of the platform, customer profiles, objection handling, and the technology used to create the platform. And put into the team’s hands strategically sound and straightforward language to introduce this breakthrough service. And it worked! Since the Guide was implemented, Acin’s revenue has increased by 300%. “Bruce’s methodology was very effective– in short order we aligned everything from Vision to Positioning with full team buy-in along the way. Thank you from the Acin team”. Paul Ford, CEO, Acin

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