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Whether your mission is to market to businesses or consumers, having a brand that defines

and delivers direction ensures your resources are being used wisely



Your brand has the potential to be the best thing you have to deliver your mission - and it can be the best way people can engage in that mission.


Sometimes though, the essence of the brand is not defined, is forgotten or the company has evolved so much that the brand is simply not seen as relevant anymore. So you end up not being able to define what makes you different, with a lack of clarity about your key messages and little idea about the relevant benefits you deliver to your customers. 


The Brand Audit is a practical and simple to use tool that identifies whether there is alignment or disconnect between your original idea for the business and how your now express that idea through communications, products and marketing.




The role of a Brand Strategy is to define and order the key elements of your brand story before you start to communicate them, to help you make good choices. 


It will state your vision or destination and the drivers and barriers to get to that destination, and will then go on to capture what lies at the heart of the your brand - what we call the Brand Positioning. 


The Brand Proposition will express what makes you relevant to your customers and different from your competitors and a set of Brand Values values will define just what makes you unique. 


The Brand Strategy will also define in broad terms the right type of customers for the brand to target before laying out the features and benefits that all those customers can benefits from.


It can then be used to guide design development, communication campaigns, web messaging and product development.

To talk through how a Brand Strategy could impact your organisation, click here and we will be in touch shortly. 



Our marketing plan process, the Brand MAP, is an easy to complete structure that can delivers cohesive insights and direction for all your marketing activities.


It delivers a concise structure that builds step by step into a plan that can direct the marketing activities of an organization for a three year period. It will enable the you to make informed choices about marketing activity (and expenditure) and to identify new opportunities for the brand.


The process includes the development of a high level business strategy, analysis of the external and internal environment the brand operates in, understanding of the target audience, the articulation of marketing objectives and the messaging, and finally a set of implementation plans and budgets, initially in three month phases.


To explore how the Brand MAP could benefit your organisation, click here





To help bring your brand strategy to life, Mission Brand manages a team of associates across design, web production and events to provide the following services.



The creation of new or evolved identities based on Mission Brand created brand strategies.



The development of packaging, brochures, annual reports and exhibition stands. 



A three step process that delivers strategically sound, differentiating and available new names for brands and sub brands. 



The design and facilitation of workshops and events to build internal capacity to deliver brand engagement. 



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