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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Many of my clients are using this Lockdown period to re-assess their offer, re-think their messaging or re-do their web sites.

With teams, partners and suppliers spread out across the country, now more than ever brand owners need a way of providing crystal-clear direction about what they want their business to achieve, why they are relevant to customers and why those customers should buy from them and not the competition.

With the following four steps, in a few short hours, a brand strategy framework can deliver that crystal-clear direction.

1. Describe your Vision...

the destination you want your brand to head towards - the drivers to help your team get there and barriers that might stop them.

2. Define your Brand Positioning...

one or two words to express how the brand is positioned in the minds of the people charged with creating and delivering it- your team!

3. Express your Brand Proposition...

often used as a tagline, the brand proposition expresses the brand’s positioning to all who need to understand the brand (starting with your team).

4. Capture your Brand Values...

how you sum up the character of your brand to act as a benchmark for your team to aspire to and the hallmark your customers will remember you by.

'Team' is in every step because the brand strategy’s number 1 audience is your team - it’s their job to put the brand into customers hands.

If every team member understands the brand strategy and what it stands for, and if that understanding is applied to their specific role, and pervades the brand’s products and services, then the customer will be delivered the best brand experience possible. All from the spare bedroom, garden shed and wherever else your team happens to be working!

Over the coming weeks I’m going to share how practically you can go through these steps and get that crystal-clear brand strategy.

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Bruce is a Brand Strategist and author of the award-winning book ‘What’s Your Point?' available from Amazon. As well as the four steps, the book explores how brand strategy can fuel business growth, referencing some of the world’s most successful brands as well as sharing case studies from his own global consulting practice.

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