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Win more pitches, stand out from the crowd, grow your client base and offer your clients brand strategy as a service. 

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The Brand Arrow® is a proven and award winning brand strategy framework that will deliver tangible value to your clients, make you stand out from your competitors and give you the edge in pitches.


It will help grow your client base, enable you to compete against bigger strategic agencies and win more business .


Clients sometimes need agencies with a dedicated strategic role and without one, you miss out on pitches because you are seen as ‘lacking strategic rigour’. 


You can now add brand strategy to your agency offering without the need to employ a full time person or hire a consultant by becoming a certified Brand Arrow® provider.

Created by award winning Brand Strategist, Bruce Mckinnon, the Brand Arrow® is a step by step process using proprietary onsite or online tools, to deliver a client’s brand strategy in a single day. 


This will give you clear direction in creating briefs, writing key messages, developing a clients value proposition as well as defining the brand positioning and values. 

Introducing the Brand Arrow® framework

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Every one of your clients needs a point. A sharp definition of their purpose that will stick in customers minds.This means making choice about what that one point is and the Brand Arrow® Framework can deliver that point - guaranteed!


Developed by Brand Strategist and author of the award winning ‘What’s Your Point?’,

Bruce M McKinnon, the Brand Arrow® has been successfully used with over 100 clients in

Europe and the US.

By using the Brand Arrow® you will be able to define:


A VISION for your client that the whole team can understand and head towards


The 5 most compelling KEY MESSAGES that shape copy across marketing collateral


The DRIVERS (assets) to reach that vision and BARRIERS (issues) that could stop it


An ELEVATOR PITCH - 100 words that sums up the key take out for the client



that describes the essence of the client brand


The VALUE PROPOSITION that is relevant to customers and different from the competition


A BRAND PROPOSITION that communicates that essence to its audiences


The client's KEY CUSTOMERS and identify the characteristics they all share



that act as a benchmark for the team and a hallmark for customers


Present the findings in a brand strategy document and a CREATIVE 


To find out more about the benefits of using the Brand Arrow® framework, drop Bruce a line here.


Find out what agencies are saying about the Brand Arrow®

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