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California Book Launch and Number One Spot on Amazon.

Well, it has has been a very exciting month for me! It started with the US launch of ‘What’s Your Point’ in Silicon Valley early October and has just come to a close with a lecture to the current MBA cohort at Cranfield School of Management. 

I’m delighted to say the book went to the number 1 spot on Amazon’s Hot New Releases chart when it was pre-released and since launch, we have shipped well over 400 books which my publisher tells me is a great start.

I wrote the book as a response to the need my own consulting practise Mission Brand has been meeting for the last 10 years - that no matter what sector, product, service or geographical region, I’ve met clients who share a similar problem. 

Namely, that distilling their features and benefits, different target markets and audiences into a unified purpose, or point, is tough.

Not surprising as it’s not easy! But it’s worth it. Having a point means more chance of sticking in the minds of customers and more chance of providing clear direction to those charged with growing the brand.

‘What’s Your Point?’ introduces the reader to the benefits a brand strategy and through the Brand Arrow tool contained in the book, provides the means of developing their own.

I wanted the book to be concise, an easy read, full of stories but with a clear framework to guide the reader in developing their own brand strategy. And I think I may just have pulled it off!

“Bruce is clear, succinct, and relentlessly practical as he shares the positive difference a sharply focused brand can make to an organisation. An inspiring and practical book, succinct and full of wisdom that will help your organisation focus and grow.” Jeremy Lindley, Chairman, Design Business Association

Drop me a note here if you would like to find out more about the book, or just take the plunge and buy the book from Amazon! Please do have a nose around the new site  to find out booking me to speak at conferences or to run Brand Arrow workshops.

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