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Get aligned and grow your business!

Many of us don’t have a clear and concise idea about what our businesses stand for, and how to consistently communicate what we do to our team and our customers – which leads to a lack of alignment.

(Alignment? Well, the dictionary defines it as ‘a position of agreement or alliance’, or as I put it - getting your ducks in a row!) If you don’t make sure you and your team are going in the same direction, it can mean lots of wasted time, inefficient and costly business practices, and worst of all,  confused customers. 

And this matters, because getting your team aligned behind a shared understanding of your business is strongly linked to better business performance. 

According to recent research, projects that are aligned are 57% more likely to deliver their business benefit, 50% more likely to finish on time, and 45% more likely to stay within budget.* 

So, whether you run your business yourself or work with a team, alignment will save time, make you more effective, create consistent marketing and sales messaging, and ensure any investment in your business works as hard as possible. 

And Brand Strategy can deliver you that alignment!   I’m piloting a new, very affordable one day workshop in London March 22nd where I will use the Brand Arrow® framework to coach six organisations to get aligned by developing their own brand strategy. Everyone will leave with a completed brand strategy that will include:  

  • Vision - defining where the business is headed, and identifying the barriers that might slow you down and the drivers you already have to get you there. 

  • Elevator Pitch - three sentences that state what the customer problem is, how you solve it, and what makes you different from your competition. 

  • Key Messaging – based on your benefits and features, a hierarchy of the five most relevant messages that can be used on your website, in pitches, and in your communications materials.

  • Audience – crystal clear understanding of the different audiences your business is aimed at, and what needs they all share (because your job is to meet those needs).

  • Values – six characteristics that get to the heart of your business, will guide its development, and ensure consistency in how you communicate your business - internally and externally.

Because it’s a pilot I’m charging a reduced fee of £760 for one delegate and £1,200 (excluding VAT) for two from the same organisation. 

Each delegate will get a Brand Arrow worksheet access to an interactive Brand Arrow, and a copy of my award winning brand strategy book ‘What’s Your Point?’  

To find out more about the day click here

Hope to see you there! 


"Bruce’s methodology and workshop was very effective – in short order we aligned everything from Vision to Positioning with full team buy-in along the way. Since we did the workshop, our revenues have tripled.” Paul Ford, CEO, Acin

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