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The Power of Brand Karma!

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Do you believe in karma?

This blog sounds like magic, but then developing brand strategy can often produce alchemy….

Everyone loves opening up a parcel, especially when it’s from a client to say thank you for a recent pro-bono project.  So imagine my delight when I opened it to find a selection of award-winning coffees from the cloud forests of Rwanda, Uganda, Mexico, and Tanzania.

It’s amazing to receive a gift - but the magic was about to happen.

Unbeknownst to my gift-giving client, the coffee in the parcel was from a brand I had provided pro bono support for back in 2012!

You could say its coffee Karma!

I loved working with Source Climate Change Coffee, Britain's first carbon-neutral coffee company. For every bag of coffee sold, local farmers plant trees to support the forest and their families. All their coffees are offset using reforestation carbon credits and are 100% traceable to the forest community conservation project.

I’m delighted to say the founder, Cristina’s hard graft has paid off, and it can now be found in Ocado, Holland & Barrett, Planet Organic, and many online distributors - to order your own carbon-free coffee, visit their website here.

I guess that the gift was chosen for me because it was felt I would connect with the values that the Source brand embodied. And that is the power of brands. We are drawn to ones that reflect our values, that amplify how we see the world, that speak to us, and that sometimes speak for us. 

And a good brand strategy (what I spend my time doing) corrals resources and the team into a single consistent direction, drives communications that have clarity and certainty, and ensures the brand is both relevant to customers and different from the competition. 

And this is also very good for the bottom line. Presenting your brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23% (Forbes) and can make your brand at least 3 times more visible than brands that are not presented consistently. (Demand Metric).

I’m partnering with Source Climate Change Coffee to give away a year’s supply of this amazing coffee. To enter the draw as well as receive brand strategy insight blogs and opportunities to work with me on a pro bono basis go to

You could say what goes around, comes around - and with coffee - it just gets there quicker!

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