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Book Bruce for inspirational sessions where he explores why any brand in any sector needs a point


Bruce has spoken at conferences in Rome, New York, Washington DC, London, Philadelphia and Katmandu. He draws on his first-hand experience of working with over 50 clients on brand strategy projects as well as business theory, real life case studies to extol the virtues of, well having a point. Using everyday language he shares what the role of a brand strategy is in an organisation, the value it can deliver to its primary audience (the team charged with delivering the brand to customers) and how it can shape everything from the sales proposals to the headline on the homepage to the culture of the organisation. 


"Bruce is a very clear and engaging speaker, he kept our delegates entertained and added great value to their conference weekend experience. Bruce’s workshops were packed, standing room only! I am looking forward to having him to speak at our next conference in Silicon Valley."

Conference Director


To enquire about booking Bruce for a conference or panel click here.

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