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Blue Smoke
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It is possible to use a messaging hierarchy to compensate for a perceived weakness in an organization, to “hide” a flaw by focusing on a strength. This can be done by emphasizing the strongest aspect of the brand at the expense of the perceived weaker part of the brand story. Telehouse, a pioneer in the global data centre sector, by its own admission, had slipped from being known as an innovator to one best characterized as “solid but sleepy”. With the near completion of its newest data centre on its London campus came a brand opportunity. As the newest data centre in the world it was also the most innovative. This provided the chance to start to reposition the brand as an innovator by imbuing the values of this new data center across the whole brand. We did this in two steps. We ensured that every marketing campaign either started or finished with messaging around the innovations of the new data center, regardless of the topic in hand. We then offered prospects the opportunity to experience innovation not through the fabric of the building site but through virtual reality tours that demonstrated the benefits of its innovations in a way that in itself was innovative. This way of framing the brand story through the single lens of innovation allowed Telehouse to shift the mantel of “solid but sleepy’ and compete more effectively with the newer global brands. It also delivered a 97 percent rise in leads to the sales team! "Bruce delivered a dramatically increased the market profile of our new data centre. I would thoroughly recommend working with Bruce for his breadth of experience, insight, interpersonal skills and energy." Andrew Fray, Director, Telehouse

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