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Extreme medicine, a term first coined by World Extreme Medicine founder Mark Hannaford describes the practice of medicine in remote, inhospitable and challenging environments. It’s a unique organisation that offers an incredibly broad range of services including the world’s first MSc in Extreme Medicine, a wide range of courses that draw on at least 200 leading medical experts, and the world’s only extreme medicine global conference. It is, without doubt, Brand Arrow’s most exciting and dangerous client! However, there was so much to say, across so many sectors and topics that the brand had become muddled in its messaging, with a hard to navigate website, and a team at HQ not sure exactly how to rise above the minutiae of the brand. The resulting brand strategy, especially the brand positioning of ‘pushing boundaries’ delivered clarity on how best to harness all their diverse services into a more coherent whole – allowing the World Extreme Medicine to express the core benefits of all its varied services. This gave the web agency clear direction in building the new site and the team at HQ a practical framework to communicate the brand. The results have significant across the organisation - memberships have risen by 68%, website users have increased by 40% and take up courses is up by 7%. “Brand Arrow’s work with us has been very influential in shaping how we now market the disparate elements of our brand - and if he can do that for us, he can do it for anyone!” Prof. Mark Hannaford FEWM, CEO World Extreme Medicine

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