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Strategy that is collaborative in development, directional and decisive in delivery.

Every brand needs a point, a sharp definition of its purpose that will stick in people’s minds. It stands to reason that a company that is aligned behind a shared point will have a better chance of success than one that isn’t. This means making a choice about what that one point is. Mission Brand, founded in 2009 is run by Bruce and provides a range of brand strategy tools and processes that can help you discover and then define your point. Click the icons to read more about our services. 

Bruce develops brand strategies for clients in Europe and the US in ‘business to business’ and ‘business to

consumer’ across a range of sectors including software, fashion, fair trade, AI, mission and financial services. 

Click below to read client work case studies.


"Bruce brought with him a keen strategic vision and a spirit of collaboration and encouragement. We are grateful for his contribution to our business and wish him well."

Uwe Weiss, CEO, Blue Yonder


"Bruce worked with the World Fair Trade Organization in shaping a set of key messages that were differentiating and authentic to fair trade producers and artisans. Thanks Bruce, we very much appreciate your support."

Natalia Leal, Chief Executive, World Fair Trade Organization


"The most striking thing about Bruce is his capacity to listen. He was able to take what's in the culture of Hampstead Tea and develop a brand strategy that has become a powerful tool in helping us evolve our brand."

Kiran Tawadey, Founder, Hampstead Tea, London

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