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A month on, and a chance to act

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

I wanted to share with you an opportunity to support the medical community in Ukraine. I am sure, like me, you have seen distressing footage of hospitals under siege, with full wards and increasingly empty medical supply cabinets.

Listening to interviews with medics I’m amazed at how stoic they are - every one seems to be saying where else could we be? This is what we are trained to do. I am in the fortunate position to make a contribution to this situation and I wanted to give you that opportunity too.

One of my clients is World Extreme Medicine - the global network of medics delivering world-leading medical training and expertise in the world's most extreme environments.

Since it was founded by Mark Hannaford in 2002 they have trained 20,000 medics to be able to provide treatment in extreme environments - by which we mean medicine that has to be practised outside normal medical environments, so yes, it can mean space, oceans, deserts, mountain tops, etc.

But increasingly, climate change, political upheaval, the pandemic, and now this war means there are more and more extreme environments medics are facing. And so, the need to equip the medical community to be able to deliver in these situations is increasing, and fast.

The team at World Extreme Medicine has started to run regular convoys of medical supplies and equipment to their network in Ukraine - just as they did in Syria and Myanmar - but funds are needed to keep more supplies coming and so, if you are able, please do donate on their funding page which you can find here, and please also consider sharing this message with you own networks.

With thanks, Bruce.

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