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Read the book? Now watch the film

Amongst the other things that occupied me in 2020 (ha ha!) was a commitment to step out of my comfort zone. And so of course, I left it to the very last week of the year to step into a studio to shoot a series of short films about my book What’s Your Point?.

I seem to do fine on a stage but put me in front of a camera, and I’m all sixes and sevens. The films though are now done and can be seen on my YouTube channel as well as my own website. The series introduces the process of developing a brand strategy as a framework to help you make good choices and starts by listing the 6 big benefits a brand strategy can deliver to the whole organisation. Each 2-minute film then focuses on a different and perhaps surprising aspect of the building blocks of a brand strategy:

  • Vision as a destination that helps define your drivers and barriers to reaching it

  • Positioning looks at how a single word can steer the whole brand

  • Proposition captures the first few words in the story of you are about to tell

  • Values as a benchmark for your team and hallmark for customers to know you by

  • Key Messages are prioritised, starting with the benefits' always ending with features

Do please go and visit the YouTube channel , perhaps leave a comment, and if you are feeling very generous, why not subscribe?! The whole thing has been a learning curve for me, and so, if you have any suggestions or ideas to help the novice, please let me know. Wishing you all the best as we head into difficult but perhaps more certain times.


Bruce M McKinnon is a Brand Strategist and author of the award-winning book ‘What’s Your Point?’ that can be purchased from Amazon. The book explores how brand strategy can fuel business growth, referencing some of the world’s most successful brands as well as sharing case studies from his own global consulting practice.

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