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What's the point of brand strategy?

I’m often asked this. Perhaps not in such stark terms. But it’s a good question

Brand strategy is a framework for you to make good choices about how to deliver your brand to your customers. In this blog I’m going to unpack the six reasons why it’s such a priority for CMO’s, founders, startups and leadership teams.

1. Brand Strategy is for the whole company!

Brand strategy is for the whole organisation because it directs the whole organisation. Marketing, Sales, HR, Finance all need to have a clear understanding of what the brand stands for because if your team get your brand, so will your customers.

2. It’s going to boost your resources

If the whole team is going in the same direction, you’re going to be more effective in how you use your resources. In fact it will save money as all your team and your suppliers will have a crystal clear understanding of what the brand stands for.

3. It will define where you are headed

By defining a brand vision or destination - two sentences in language that's understandable - allows your team to move in the same direction - it stands to reason a team aligned behind a shared vision will be more successful than one that isn’t.

4. Captures what you’re all about

Brand Values describe the character of organisation. They act as a benchmark for your team to know if the planned activity reflects the character and purpose of your brand and values act as an important hallmark for your customers to recognise you by.

5. Creates the right messaging in the right order

A hierarchy of your key messages tells you what to say and in what order. This means you will know what the headline on your homepage should be, what copy captures how awesome you are and how to structure any of your communications.

6. Makes sure you are relevant and different

By solving your customer’s problem you become relevant. But you also need to be different from your competitors. If you're just relevant, it means you're the same as everybody else, if you're just different, you won't have customers so you need to be both relevant and different.

So there you have it. Brand strategy helps you invest in your brand strategically and equips you and your team to make the best progress towards you vision.

For more brand adventures and useful insights into brand strategy follow my Instagram account @thebrandarrow_

I regularly speak at conferences, business schools and facilitate workshops on the subject of brand strategy. I’m also the author of the award-winning bookWhat’s Your Point? which can be purchased from Amazon.

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