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Brand Strategy Taster Workshop:

Every B Corp needs a point, a sharp definition of its purpose that will stick in people's minds. The biggest brand challenge with all progressive traders and B Corps is to stay true to their purpose but to present that purpose in a way that is:

Relevant to customers

Understandable to the brand team

Differentiating from the competition

Not always easy, especially when the messaging can be complex, and resources to drive that messaging are scarce. All the more reason to be 100% sure that how the brand is expressed, delivered, and experienced is 100% right.


By signing up to this complimentary 2 hour brand strategy taster workshop B Corps and progressive traders and will:

Understand the role brand strategy can play in maximising resources

Use the different elements of a brand strategy to create a sharp focus for the organisation

Uncover the (often) hidden advantage B Corps have over conventional businesses.

 Use the Brand Arrow 

framework to transform complexity into relevant

benefit-led messaging.

Through case studies, learn from the pioneers of B Corps in the US, the UK, and in between!

Be able to answer the question, what’s the point of a B Corp and why should customers  care?

The 2 hour online workshop will be a mix of a presentation, case studies, group discussion, and interactive exercises, and as well as equipping delegates with key tools, will be stimulating and fun!

"Bruce ‘gets us’ better than anyone else we have worked with in the brand, marketing and strategy context in the past. Bruce brought up key priorities that many of us carry around but have struggled to articulate and put into action."​

Austin Anderson, Director of Coffee, Just Us! Coffee Roasters

"Bruce is a skilled brand strategist who helped us navigate the complexity of the WFTO brand and its key messaging. Using the Brand Arrow methodology, he worked inclusively with me, the leadership team and board to facilitate a process where we co-created and co-owned our brand strategy."  

Erinch Sahan, CEO,  World Fair Trade Organization  

"The most striking thing about Bruce is his capacity to listen. He was able to take what's in the culture of Hampstead Tea and develop a brand strategy that has become a powerful tool in helping us evolve our brand."

Kiran Tawadey, Founder, Hampstead Tea, London

Bruce was able to take what is at the heart of our organization and develop a brand strategy 

that has become an incredibly powerful tool for us all

Sarah Acer, Director of Communications 



Bruce develops brand strategies for clients in Europe and the US as well as regularly speaking at conferences and business schools on the subject. For over 30 years he has worked with some of the  world’s most progressive trading organisations including the World Fair Trade Organization, Equal Exchange, Just Us Coffee, Ten Thousand Villages, and Deans Beans. For more information about Bruce, and to view his  video series unpacking the value of brand strategy, click here.




9.00AM - 11.00AM PST
12.00PM - 2.00PM EST
5.00PM - 7.00PM BST

10.OOAM -12.00PM BS
11.OOAM -1.00PM DST
MAY 9 

9.00AM - 11.00AM PST
12.00PM - 2.00PM EST
5.00PM - 7.00PM GMT

MAY 23

10.OOAM -12.00PM BS
11.OOAM -1.00PM DST



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